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Go Viral Faster

Complete content management system for creators

Repurpose through AI

Trend based templates

Data based insights

Care for Content,
Cure for Creators.

We are changing the way creators make and manage their content today. By efficiently repurposing content using AI we effectively increase their reach by over 75%.

With Hotshot creators save up to 25% of their working hours and production cost.


What We Offer

From creation to promotion we're there for you!

Repurposing & Editing

  • Use AI for selecting snippets

  • Select caption style and templates based on data

  • Add background music

Data Analysis

  • Social health score

  • Simplified collective data understanding

  • Action points

Competition Monitoring

  • Monitor similar creators growth

  • Identify channels and campaigns

  • Learn from community

Trends Tracking

  • ​Identify growing trends in your category

  • Join challenges at the right time

  • Track audios and hashtags that helps in going viral

Built for Content Creators

Hotshot is built by content and AI experts for digital creators. We understand the challenges you face when trying to get discovered, and we're here to help.

Single Click Snippets 

Content Management Tools

Analytics & Reporting

Customised CMS for Organisations

We can help with ideation, creation and promotion at all stages. Automate your content business today. Book an appointment now!

Built by great minds

Our journey started with finding a head on fire problem lead by our CEO & CTO we have been supported by exceptional people-

What Our Clients Say About Demo

“Solving the number one problem for creators. We can use it right away. We are already missing a technical expertise that can be filled with hotshot”

Jenny Huang ,


“The snippet function saves me time by almost 90%. It can change the way how podcasters make content entirely.”

The Funny Indian, Podcaster

“Hotshot's automation tools can save me so much time and energy. I can focus on creating great content and let their platform do the rest.”

Bushra Khatim , Fitness Influencer

Are you ready to get discovered faster? Hotshot can help. Sign up today and start growing your audience.


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